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About Bellarinas

My name is Ellen Maby and I am the Founder and Director of Bellarinas.

Bellarinas was created in 2010, after I started taking my daughter Bella, to ballet classes. I found that most ballet classes were often a little formal and I felt strongly that children, especially the younger ones, should be allowed to learn and enjoy ballet in a less structured and more creative way. I wanted to design a class that was magical and fun, developing confidence and technique in a supportive and encouraging environment.

I was trained at the Arts Educational School then the London Studio Centre. I was fortunate enough to have had parts in both the English National Ballet’s Nutcracker and Copelia as well as numerous other dance productions on stage. My experience includes teaching ballet classes with Babyballet and then both ballet and street dance to children with Bellarinas both at weekends and in schools as a co-curricular subject.


Zoe comes from the Rambert School of Ballet and Contemporary Dance. She has taught dance classes for children of different ages and abilities ranging from recreational to elite levels in her native Australia. Zoe enjoys teaching in a fun and imaginative way, installing confidence in children and choreographing routines.


Felicity is currently studying dance at Kingston University. She has experience both assisting and teaching ballet at a local ballet school in Kent where she is from. Felicity loves teaching children to dance and uses a holistic approach by encouraging the children to believe in themselves and their abilities. She has introduced the use of positive affirmations in the classes and has noticed changes in both confidence and happiness.

Ellen - Bellarinas Zoe - Bellarinas Felicity - ballet teacher at Bellarinas